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I brewed my first batch of beer with a starter kit my wife bought me as a Father's Day gift.  I didn't have a propane burner so I decided to execute the boil on our electric range.  I just love that ‘brewery smell’ – turns out my wife really hated it!  In her defense, it could have been the fact she was 7 months pregnant with my youngest son and hated everything.  It's a great memory we just laugh about now...

I had no idea I would enjoy the experience as much as I did but knew that was definitely the last batch of beer I would be allowed to brew indoors!  Given the circumstances, I decided that I would need to acquire a few additional pieces of equipment to facilitate any future boils outdoors and bought a used backyard banjo burner.  As soon as I bottled that second batch, I went on Amazon.com and bought a couple of books that came highly recommended: How to Brew by John Palmer and the Complete Joy of Homebrewing by Master Brewer, Charlie Papazian.  I just couldn’t get enough of homebrewing.

I guess it was somewhere around my fourth or fifth trip down to the local homebrew shop that I learned they were forced to tap out.  I was super disappointed.  I really liked everything about the place.  Many other local brewers were forced to source their ingredients and advice by other means.

I decided the only way I would ever be able to have that same local experience I enjoyed so much was to recreate it and that’s why I started Cherokee Brew Supply Co. in the Spring of 2020. 

Our mission is simple: Introduce others to the world of homebrewing and serve the homebrew community every way possible!

I believe homebrewers play a vital role in the craft beer industry...you may not realize it, but many of your favorite craft brewers got their start brewing beer for friends.

If you like what you see and want to give it a try, grab one of our 1 gallon starter or 5 gallon starter kits, a pot to boil some water in and a recipe kit

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